EFC’s portfolio investments are selected from a variety of sectors to afford diversification and risk minimization. In its entirety, our portfolio is reflective of EFC's growth plan and strategic focus areas.

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Our Transportation Segment is primarily focused on the aviation industry. Our portfolio investments in this sector continue to consolidate their positions as leaders in their respective aviation sector amidst an extremely volatile and competitive landscape. The airlines and airport services components of this sector have been redefining the passenger experience by offering industry-leading ground support and in-flight experiences through innovation and increased collaboration.
We are also involved in aircraft leasing and financing.

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Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas investments operates across the oil and gas value chain with upstream, midstream, and downstream activities.

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The hospitality and leisure sector is essential is a growing part of our portfolio.

Whether for business or leisure, travellers choose from a very wide range of offerings to suit their needs whilst experiencing some of the world’s best-in-class infrastructure.

Real Estate

Our real estate arm was established to identify,invest in,develop and manage strategic real estate assets using modern technologies,with an aim to generating wealth for our investors and clients.


At EFC,we know that the greatest clog in the wheel of progress for businessmen,inventors and other corporations is the lack of available funds to bring their business plans to fruition.

This is where EFC comes in.

We offer the most affordable loans,with the most flexible terms.With our seasoned crop of professionals,you and the project you want to finance,are in safe hands.


We all eat.

Our investments in agricultural endeavours has footprints in 5 continents.We are passionate about getting involved in large scale farming,aided by the latest technological advancements.

Angel Investment

EFC is your strategic partner in turning dreams into reality. Whether you're a startup seeking vital support or an investor ready to make a meaningful impact, we provide the wings for your aspirations.

We are not just about financial backing; we are about cultivating relationships. Our seasoned team brings expertise, mentorship, and a shared commitment to nurturing ideas that have the power to reshape industries.


EFC stands at the forefront of international shipping, weaving a global tapestry of connectivity.


Step into a world where innovation meets concrete reality with EFC's dynamic presence in the construction industry. We are not just investing; we are shaping skylines, constructing dreams, and laying the groundwork for a future built on excellence.
EFC is at the forefront of construction investments, driving projects that redefine urban landscapes. From towering structures to sustainable developments, we invest in the future, ensuring that every brick laid is a testament to quality and vision.

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